Let’s be the generation that preserves Hawaii for generations to come. Project Footprint is planting thousands of native trees to celebrate local schools and community members making a difference. Join us.

Plant a tree

About Project Footprint

Hawaii’s future is in our hands. Project Footprint is a way for all of us to make sustainable choices in how we live and how we use energy.

From planting trees and taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint, to supporting local causes, we’re creating a movement that helps our communities flourish.

Project Footprint is a program of the HEI Charitable Foundation. Join us as we work together to build a brighter future. For the aina, for ohana, for our Hawaii.

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‘A ‘OHE HANA NUI KE ALU ‘IA No task is too big when done together by all

Proverb from the book Olelo Noeau,edited by Mary Kawena Pukui

Building a movement, and a forest

The beauty we plant today is the legacy we pass on to our children. Join Project Footprint on our mission to plant thousands of native trees in the coming years.

Plant a legacy tree

Give back to the aina by having a native King Koa tree planted in your name or the name of a loved one. You’ll receive a certificate with tracker to visit your tree online and watch the forest come to life. The first 1,000 participants will also get a Project Footprint reusable grocery bag.

Plant a tree

Take carbon-reducing steps

Paperless billing

You’ll save trees and reduce carbon emissions associated with delivery.

Go paperless

Residential solar

Help create a sustainable future with the installation of a PV system on your home.

Go Solar

Automatic bill payment

The convenient way to pay is good for you and the environment.

Set up Auto pay

Electric vehicle

Learn the benefits of driving electric and see if an EV is right for you.

Drive ev

Other simple ways to save

Support community organizations

All of us at the HEI Charitable Foundation call Hawaii home. We believe in neighbors helping neighbors, and are proud to serve and give back to our community. Since 2010, our employees have volunteered over 200,000 hours and our charitable foundation has donated over $20 million to community groups. Environmental sustainability is a key focus of our mission, and we invite you to support our partner organizations dedicated to preserving our islands.

Sunset in the mountains

Perpetuating the art and science of traditional Polynesian voyaging through experiential educational programs.

Sunset in the mountains

Protecting Hawaii’s coastal lands, beaches, and other storied places for future generations to enjoy.

Sunset in the mountains

Conserving Hawaii’s lands and waters. Informed by science and guided by traditional values.

Sunset in the mountains

Creating parks, protecting land for the people, and connecting communities to the outdoors.

Sunset in the mountains

Building a brighter future for Hawaii’s youth through conservation training and education.

Sunset in the mountains

Teaching and inspiring communities to live and work in a healthy, sustainable way.

Sunset in the mountains

Providing convenient, affordable bikeshare services that strengthen our public transportation and community health.

Sunset in the mountains

Advancing effective and inclusive processes to build peaceful and climate-conscious futures for the wellbeing of all.

Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative

Working to reforest Hawaii’s rare endemic Legacy Trees, to grow a vibrant and sustainable future.

Coral Reef Alliance

Keeping water clean, fisheries healthy, and tourism sustainable so that coral reefs can adapt to climate change.

Malama Maunalua

Conserving Maunalua Bay so marine life is abundant, the water is clean and clear, and people take kuleana in caring for the Bay.

Blue Planet

Tackling climate change by empowering community and youth voices in shaping clean energy policy.